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Dushyant Manmohan

D. Eng. Principal

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Armen Tajirian

P.E., Ph.D. Principal

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Mohammed Faiyaz

P.E. Senior Engineer

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AME Overview

Founded in 1988, Applied Materials & Engineering, Inc. (AME) is an independent Construction Materials Consulting, Inspection and Testing firm. Our staff includes civil, structural, metallurgical and materials engineers and geologists with advanced degrees and years of field experience. The support staff includes certified field and laboratory technicians.

Special Inspections

As required by municipal and state codes, we provide field inspections and testing services during construction to verify compliance with approved documents. Inspections are provided for new construction and seismic upgrade projects ranging from homes, low income housing, schools, hospitals and commercial high rises.

Consulting Services

  • For historic and existing buildings: assessment of as-built materials and construction details
  • Waterproofing investigations and design reviews
  • Forensic analysis, determination of material failure causes

Forensic tools at our disposal include: Petrography, GPR (ground penetrating radar), borescope, ultrasonic testing, XRD and FTIR spectroscopy.

Infrastructure Inspection & Testing Services

AME provides inspections and tests for roadways, bridges, water treatment plants and other infrastructure projects; this includes soils and asphalt testing as required by Caltrans or other municipal codes.

Laboratory Testing Services

AME's focus is to provide high quality and cost effective services. Our laboratory offers a full range of construction materials testing.  AME materials laboratory is  ISO 17025 accredited.

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